‘Young Voice’: the Vote Match for Youngsters

Youngsters in the Netherlands are often not going to vote. The reason is that they are often missing information on political parties and content of party programs. That’s why, ahead of the Parliamentarian election on March 17th in the Netherlands, ProDemos developed the online tool Young Voice in addition to the usual Vote-Match. Youngster decide themselves, which topics are important to them. They answer a minimum of 20 statements with agree/disagree and every statement is introduced by a short film. Each of this short films is presented by a (under youth well known) actor or Youtuber. The films explain a certain topic and present arguments and counterarguments, to make the statement more accessible for the youngster.

After answering the statements, the user learns which parties are the closet to his/her own opinions. When users click on the logo of the respective parties they get a short text on the party, tailor made for youngsters and a photo of the party leader. Youngsters have also the possibility to come via the side of Young Voice to the side of the Youth department of the respective party.

Young Voice is actually made in the same way as Vote-Match only with chosen topics which are closed to the reality of youngsters.
ProDemos launched Young Voice already in 2019 for the Elections for the European Parliament in the Netherlands.

Young Voice went together with the Dutch Vote Match online on February 20th.

Visit the website: www.youngvoice.nl
For more information on Young voice: Matthijs van Tuijl (m.vantuijl@prodemos.nl)

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