Project Description

Young People Vote (Młodzi Głosują)

Why so many young voters tend to skip political elections? We believe that in order to participate in the future, they need to experience election in a safe environment and learn about it from schools.

Młodzi Głosują (Young People Vote) is a nationwide campaign, which aims to intensify the participation of young people in public life and encourage youth to make an informed choice while voting. Project participants organize mock election in their school, which models real election happening around the same time in Poland. This develops a deeper understanding of democratic procedures as well as gives us information on what are political interests of polish youth.

Our team arranges all resources necessary to initiate a conversation on democratic procedures and importance of elections. We provide an online platform for the participants, where they take part in e-learning courses on topics such as: democracy, debating or leadership.

  • Project name
    Young People Vote (Młodzi Głosują)

  • Provider/Organisation
    Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej

  • Country

  • Language

  • Duration
    since 1995 on every elections

  • Target group
    Primary and secondary schools and students

  • Criteria
    Broad impact, scalability

  • Contact person
    Michal Tragarz,


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