Project Description

VoteMatch Europe

VoteMatch Europe is a tool to inform citizens about elections for the European Parliament. VoteMatch Europe is a project that allows citizens to contrast and compare their national political choices with political parties in other European countries. Good ideas catch on, the first VoteMatch Europe was launched for the 2014 elections.

In 2019, the participating 16 national partners of the VoteMatch Europe project made a list of 16 statements, covering different subjects and issues. These statements are used in all national voting advice applications, together with national statements. To make this VoteMatch Europe work, the European team worked for months ago to design 16 final “European Statements” to be answered with positions of the parties of each partner country. In cooperation with, the European press roundup, VoteMatch Europe got also the answers from many other European countries – so at the end: The users in Europe could compare their own political choices with those of over 200 parties in 22 member states of Europe.

  • Project name
    VoteMatch Europe

  • Provider/Organisation
    The Netherlands: Stemwijzer (ProDemos); Germany: Wahl-O-Mat (Federal Agency for Civic Education); Austria: (neuwal – Verein zur Förderung politischer Bildung); Bulgaria: Glasovoditel; Slowakia:; Czech Republic:; Finland: Yle; Sweden: Altinget; Denmark: Altinget; Greece: HelpMeVote/Votematch; Hungary: Vokskabin; Luxembourg: Zentrum fir politesch Bildung, UNILUX & LISER ;Poland: Latarnika Wyborczego (Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej); Spain: Elecciones

  • Country
    The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Slowakia, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain.

  • Language
    English (organization), all national languages available on the webpage

  • Duration
    Since 2013

  • Target group

  • Criteria
    Transnational dimensions, broad impact

  • Website

  • Contact person
    Pamela Brandt,


Democracy Workshop