Project Description


Terezie Vavrova

Researcher at the Center for Democratic Education, Prague

Terezie Vávrová is a lecturer on civil society with a focus on its development in CEE countries, citizenship education and historical issues. Currently, she works as a researcher at the Center for Democratic Education and Charles University, Czech Republic. She leads a project researching the potential of civic education in socially excluded areas for which her team received an educational award in 2019. Tereza Vávrová previously worked as a trainer for intercultural and experiential learning for educational NGOs and schools. She is PhD candidate working on her thesis ‘The perspectives of citizenship education through modern history’.

Involved in the following projects:

  • School councils as a tool for social inclusion, CEDU – Centre for Democratic Education, Czech Republic
  • Educational activities of NGOs in CEE (research project) Charles University
  • Theatre of the oppressed – possible civic initiation? (Research project) Charles University