Project Description

Talking Europe

Talking Europe is a pan-European app that fosters digital dialogue between Europeans who do not share the same language, opinion and country of residence. It creates a safe digital space for political discussions with one-on-one chats that are translated directly in the app. Users can chat in their mother tongue and in 8 different languages. Thereby, Talking Europe promotes European democracy and cohesion, enabling citizens to better reflect and understand political opinions. With our platforms in Europe, Germany, Sweden and Hungary and together with i.a. Vokskabin and Vote&Vous, we engage in digital citizenship education, especially promoting competencies in digital political dialogue for the younger generations. Civil society organizations and institutions have the possibility to partner with Diskutier Mit Mir to launch their own version of Talking Europe as well as to organize a project on the platform, e.g. digital talks during a conference. Talking Europe was started by Diskutier Mit Mir e.V. in 2019.

  • Project name
    Talking Europe

  • Provider/Organisation
    Diskutier Mit Mir e.V.

  • Country

  • Language
    English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Italian

  • Duration

  • Target group
    Diverse, depending on the specific project organized on the platfrom (see details below)

  • Criteria
    Transnational dimensions, broad impact, scalability, project has been evaluated

  • Contact person
    Sabine Mehnert,