Project Description

School of Democracy (Szkoła Demokracji) 

Students usually learn about democracy from textbooks – unlike science experiments, it is difficult to show how democracy works in a classroom. We realize, that in order to show the ideals of democracy, we have to engage youngsters in democratic process.

Szkoła Demokracji (School of Democracy) supports students on developing democratic solutions within the school structures. Central focus of this project is to empower youth to become responsible for their school life. Participants create a team responsible for implementing new democratic standards in their schools, by picking a new challenge monthly.

Before embarking on their tasks, all participants take part in two-day workshops with experts on civic education. Our team provides schools with advice on implementing democratic values in schools, lists of proposed challenges, a mentor guiding teams with their actions and an online platform where participants submit summaries of completed challenges.

  • Project name
    School of Democracy (Szkoła Demokracji) 

  • Provider/Organisation
    Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej

  • Country

  • Language

  • Duration
    Since 2010

  • Target group
    Primary and secondary schools and students

  • Criteria
    Broad impact, scalability

  • Contact person
    Michal Tragarz,


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