Project Description

Propaganda guide

More and more frequently, false information or conspiracy theories are circulating in social networks or various chat programs. Often, these misleading messages are difficult to distinguish from reliable information.

The website of the Zentrum fir politisch Bildung helps to expose false information or conspiracy theories. Based on ten questions, one gets an impression of whether the author of a message wants to inform about something or wants to push the reader in a certain direction. is available in English, French and German.

For teachers and educators, there is also an educational booklet available at

  • Project name
    Propaganda guide

  • Provider/Organisation
    Zentrum fir politesch Bildung

  • Country

  • Language
    English, French, German

  • Duration
    Online toll (online since April 2020)

  • Target group
    Young people, adults

  • Criteria
    Transnational dimensions, broad impact

  • Contact person
    Romain Schroeder,


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