Project Description

Politikwerkstatt DEMOS

The political workshop DEMOS (Politikwerkstatt DEMOS) bases on the ideas that democracy is the only constitutionally established form of society that needs to be constantly taught and that we cannot take democracy for granted. It requires hard work and we have to live and preserve it. 

The workshops for students and apprentices cover topics of Citizenship Education like democratic participation, inclusion or racism and are influenced by the methods and learning tools of Democratic and Human Rights Education.

Located within the museum of the working world (Museum Arbeitswelt) in Steyr our political workshop DEMOS is connected with the topics shown and debated in our exhibitions like how we want to live together in an open society. 

Design elements such as a parliamentary rostrum and a polling booth provide a learning environment that not only serves to convey knowledge, but to prompt young people to practise democratic participation and be prepared to act responsibly.

  • Project name
    Politikwerkstatt DEMOS

  • Provider/Organisation
    Verein Museum Arbeitswelt / Museum of the working world
  • Country
  • Language
    German, English, Easy-to-understand-German
  • Duration
    Ongoing from 2009
  • Target group
    Students and apprentices between 8 and 18
  • Criteria
    Project has been evaluated, broad impact

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  • Contact person
    Martin Hagmayr,


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