Project Description


Martina Rabl

Danube University, Krems

Martina Rabl has been working as a secondary teacher in Lower Austria. Her focus is on Civic Education and English. Since 2015, she has been responsible for further education courses at the KPH Wien/Krems and has built up a network for Civic Eduaction teachers. In 2017, she finished her studies in Civic Education. In 2019, she started a research project on the implementation of the educational goals of the curriculum 2016 in C.E. in secondary schools.

Since 2019, she has been a member of the working group of the BMBWF for the adaption of the curriculum 2020 in History/C.E.

She also teaches at the Danube University  – responsible for the module “Didactics and methodology in Political Education”.

Involved in the following project:

  • Focus Areas

    Civic Education – Focusing on methodology and didactics in the teaching process · Leading a continuing research into the teaching of civic education level secondary I · Curriculum 2020 – History and Political Education (Member of the working group of the BMBWF (Ministery of Education) of Austria · Research on “Negative and Dirty Campaigning”

  • Publications