Project Description

hanisauLand is directed towards children (8 to 14 years). The web page offers attractive contents for an easy understanding of politics and the functioning of democracy. Fun and participation are key elements. High security standards for children are observed: no query of personal data, moderated communication, every contribution by our users gets checked before going viral. The offers are manifold: A dictionary explains terms from politics, economy, environment, education and society. The articles are written in language suitable for children, explanations are elementary. Visitors to the website can ask questions which will be answered by an experienced editorial staff. The HanisauLand comic strip provides humorous ideas about how democracy originates and how it can be implemented. In a diary we present important historical events and personalities. An extensive supply for the use of hanisauLand in school teaching is also at hand.

  • Project name

  • Provider/Organisation
    Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb

  • Country

  • Language

  • Duration
    Since 2002

  • Target group
    Children, age 8 – 14 years

  • Criteria
    Broad impact, project has been evaluated

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  • Contact person
    Sabine Berthold,


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