Project Description


The Zentrum fir politisch Bildung (Centre for Citizenship Education) developed and interactive test that enables users to find out how deep they are stuck in their filter bubble: This has been done with the support of the Luxembourg initiative for internet security BEE SECURE.

Filter bubbles are information bubbles that are created through the personalisation of the internet. The user’s interests and opinion are permanently mirrored on the web and information which does not correspond to his or her own opinion is isolated.

The test provides specific questions that need to be answered with yes/no. At the end, the users find out how deep they are stuck and what they can do to burst their bubble. is available in three languages (English, French, German) and addresses young as well as adult people. Teachers and educators also find suggestions for discussion and reflection.

  • Project name

  • Provider/Organisation
    Zentrum fir politesch Bildung

  • Country

  • Language
    English, German, French

  • Duration
    Online tool (online since May 2020)

  • Target group
    Young people, adults

  • Criteria
    Transnational dimensions, broad impact

  • Website

  • Contact person
    Kim Nommesch,


Talking Europe