Project Description

Dialog macht Schule – Demokratie. Bildung. Für alle.

The social enterprise Dialog macht Schule gGmbH is an institute for systemic civic education offering trainings, workshops and expert support for multipliers of systemic civic education in the context of the immigration society. One of its training programs is Dialog macht Schule (DmS), a long-term civic education program created to train academics to become facilitators of systemic civic education. During their two-year training, trainees attend training modules that provide methods and theories of systemic civic education. They also learn to lead socio-culturally diverse groups by conducting weekly dialogue sessions during regular school lessons while receiving ongoing coaching, support and supervision. In these sessions, they engage with the students and connect their everyday topics and interests with political aspects, thus showing them ways how to actively partake in society. They also work together on projects that are aimed to strengthen the students’ self-efficacy. The DmS program combines civic education with personal development and empowerment to social participation.

  • Project name
    Dialog macht Schule – Demokratie. Bildung. Für alle.

  • Provider/Organisation
    Dialog macht Schule gGmbH

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  • Duration
    Ongoing since 2013

  • Target group
    Students aged 10 to 20, civic educators (dialogue facilitators), teachers, social workers

  • Criteria
    Broad impact, scalability

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