Project Description

Democracy Workshop

The Democracy Workshop is a service offered by the Austrian Parliament to promote democracy awareness through personal, positive experience of the workings of democracy. The eleven workshop modules for 8- to 15-year-olds – school classes and apprentices – explore parliamentary structures and processes and foster self-expression and media skills. The content focuses on national legislation, the function and duties of parliamentarians, the bases for democratic participation, Europe and the history of the Republic of Austria, as well as the media world and how to process information.

The didactic content of the workshops is based on constructivist learning theory and enables the participants to work out the answers to questions in small groups with the help of books, posters, websites, and also guests (MPs, journalists, contemporary witnesses, etc.). The participants’ learning process is augmented by creation of a media item (film, radio, newspaper), reflecting all the findings and/or insights gained.

The media item is published on

  • Project name
    Democracy Workshop

  • Provider/Organisation
    Austrian Parliamentary Administration

  • Country

  • Language

  • Duration
    Since 2007; regularly

  • Target group
    8- to 15-year-olds

  • Criteria
    Transnational dimensions, project has been evaluated, broad impact, scalability


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