Project Description

Civic Up! Academy

Young people have plenty ideas on improving our social life. What they usually lack is the experience and insight in the planning process. That is why we have created this initiative.

During summer school workshops we invite youth from all around Poland to plan and carry out a social project. During a 10-day period groups of teenagers have an opportunity to practice negotiation skills, debate their peers and learn how to plan and organize social projects.

In the course of workshops, participants create project teams. They start from empathizing with a group that the project will be addressed to (e.g. people with disabilities, elders). Then they come up with ideas and create plans for their actions. Finally, with help of mentors, they carry out the project.

The programme is created in collaboration with U.S. Embassy in Poland, thus young leaders have a chance to meet interesting people: Polish and American experts on social activism and even U.S. Ambassador’s office employees.

  • Project name
    Civic Up! Academy

  • Provider/Organisation
    Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej/Rural Development Fund/US Embassy in Warsaw

  • Country

  • Language
    Polish, English

  • Duration
    Since 2018

  • Target group
    Secondary school students

  • Criteria
    Project has been evaluated, scalability

  • Contact person
    Michal Tragarz,


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