Project Description

ChiCo – Children’s Conference

Every two years, the Kannerbureau Wooltz and Zentrum fir politisch Bildung as well as their partners organize the children’s conference in Luxembourg.

While the first children’s conference was a one-day event, the next editions will be three entire days. Art workshops and child-friendly discussion methods allow children experiencing and getting to know better children rights.

The objective is also to create an intergenerational dialogue between adults and kids and enable to better understand each other’s perspective. Educators are active participants and their participation is seen as a training about participation in general and related methods that can be used in their everyday work.

  • Project name
    ChiCo – Children’s Conference

  • Provider/Organisation
    Zentrum fir politisch Bildung & Kannerbureau Wooltz

  • Country

  • Language

  • Duration
    Every two years

  • Target group
    Children aged 8 to 12 and their educators

  • Criteria
    Project has been evaluated, scalability

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