Project Description


Ahmad Mansour

Psychologist, speaker and author, Berlin

Ahmad Mansour is a psychologist, speaker and author. Born in Klar Saba, Israel 1976, he has been living in Berlin since 2004 and founded the Mansour Initiative for Promotion of Democracy and Extremism Prevention (MIND prevention). The focus of the initiative is the prevention of Islamist radicalization and Anti-Semitism among migrants of Muslim origin. In workshops, his team fights development of extremism and promotes democracy and tolerance. He received numerous awards for his courageous engagement.

Involved in the following projects:

  • Focus Areas
    Radicalisation among Muslim youth · Anti-Semitism in the Muslim Community · Oppression in the name of honor, patriarchal structures, imparting values · Integration · Middle East conflict

  • Publications

    • “Klartext zur Integration – gegen falsche Toleranz und Panikmache”, (Plaintext for Integration – against false tolerance and scaremongering), S. Fischer publishing house, August 2018.
    • “Generation Allah –Warum wir im Kampf gegen religiösen Extremismus umdenken müssen”, (Generation Alla – Why we have to rethink religious extremism), S. Fischer publishing house, September 2015.
    • bpb, Wirkungsvolle Ansätze zur Prävention und Deradikalisierung islamistisch gefährdeter bzw. islamistischer Personen (Effective approaches for prevention and deradicalisation of people who are at risk or who are Islamists), March 2019.