Project Description

Abiba Abdallah

Facilitator and Peer educator

Abiba Abdallah is a proud Ghanaian (belongs to the Gonja tribe and speaks multiple languages), Facilitator and Peer educator. She is currently persuing a degree in Management and Information Systems. Abiba is a strong Advocate on social, environmental, economic and health issues in her community and country as a whole. She has been volunteering all her life to touch many lives. Abiba has been working the Young Urban Women’s Project to eradicate poverty through education, sensitization, durbar, drama among others. She attended Action Senior High school with the passion of studying Business to help shape societal problems, recognize and help to serve them. She has been awarded best Actress on a grand durbar in her country implemented by Ghana Education Office. She was honored with the Special Volunteer Award of the 7th Africa Conference on Health and Rights by the First Lady of Ghana. She has worked as a volunteer in her community for many years. Her first engagement with SDD was as a Core Participant in the Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era project.
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