NECE CAMPUS 2021 – Stay tuned!

Kick-Off Event on 20th May 2021, 11.15 am – 01.15 pm (CET) – REGISTER NOW

From Coal and Steel to Green New Deal: the role of citizenship education

Online Event with Niccolò Milanese (European Alternatives and member of the NECE Advisory Board), Dr. Andrés González (POLITIKUM Ecuador), further speakers tba

Moderation: Maximilian Rose (Young European Professionals)

What are the pillars of a European identity? The EU was conceived as an economic project to facilitate trade and commodity flows between its member states. At the same time, it represented an unprecedented peace-building project, an idea of a continent of open borders, and thus, a community of values. However, in the 70 years since its foundation, the EU has always been subject to constant change and paradigm shifts.

In this kick-off event of the NECE CAMPUS 2021, we are taking a look at the narrative of a European Union, its transition from a community of economic interests to a community for ecological and sustainable transformation and the role of citizenship education and civic engagement. In a World Café on the virtual conferencing tool gather, we want to give you the chance to interactively discuss different topics and aspects of the global, European and local/practical dimension of sustainable development. Your results will be fed into the subsequent panel discussion on zoom. This first event of the NECE CAMPUS is also meant to give you the opportunity to share your ideas for further activities leading up to the NECE Conference on October 28-29 in Brussels.

The NECE CAMPUS 2021 creates new digital spaces for educators, experts in citizenship education, civil society actors and others. Be it online seminars, panel discussions, lectures, training sessions or bar camps – the NECE CAMPUS uses the possibilities of the virtual space to discuss visions, values and practices for an educational and civic engagement in a pandemic world and to create a community for the NECE Conference in Brussels, October 28-29 2021.

We look forward to having you with us at our kick-off event!

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