Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 01.15 – 02.00 pm (CET) – REGISTER NOW!

Young Stakeholder Event: MyNewEurope – Ideas for a sustainable Europe

with Jessica Micklem (Global Youth Biodiversity Network Europe), Christian-Ovidiu Cemirtan (Casa Mare) & Isabela Alexandra Neague (Station Europe), candidates of the call for MyNewEurope – Ideas for a sustainable Europe

How can we stop climate change? What is the tension between solidarity and migration in Europe? What lessons for the future can we draw from the current crisis? How will society and politics transform in the future? And, most importantly: What initiatives and projects can implement ideas with formats and methods of citizenship education in 2021 in an innovative and sustainable way?

Young actors from all over Europe were invited to share their visions for a sustainable Europe by addressing some of the questions above in their own project ideas around the issues of climate change, migration, populism and more. On 26 May 2021, it is time for them to present their ideas to you, the audience of this event of the NECE CAMPUS 2021. The participants will pitch their projects in a dynamic and innovative presentation format and, afterwards, will answer your questions you might have. Come and join us here!

The NECE CAMPUS 2021 creates new digital spaces for educators, experts in citizenship education, civil society actors and others. Be it online seminars, panel discussions, lectures, training sessions or bar camps – the NECE CAMPUS uses the possibilities of the virtual space to discuss visions, values and practices for an educational and civic engagement in a pandemic world and to create a community for the NECE Conference in Brussels, October 28-29 2021.

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