Brief description of project

KARIJEROTEKA online conversations engage young people into exploring careers in Croatia. KARIJEROTEKA will address students from 8th grade (elementary school) and 1st – 4th grade (high school) and inspire them to find out about exciting jobs through talking to those who do them. ZND has enabled young people to visit companies and institutions and to meet fascinating people in many different professions in order to boost knowledge and awareness about career paths in Croatia.

Objectives of the project

– career guidance
– motivation
– fighting brain drain in Croatia
– creating additional educational content
– connecting education and the world of work
– teaching about sustainable development

Project methods / Project format

Online conversations take place on zoom, twice a month. The zoom recording are than postproduced and a video showing of KARIJEROTEKA is uploaded on Znanje na djelu website on a video platform with a search engine for kids and teachers to use further.

Website of project