ProDemos: How to discuss terrorism in class?

The murder of the French teacher Samual Paty proved how difficult it might be to discuss terrorism in class. A lot of teachers especially of civic education in the Netherlands doubt if and how they should talk in class about the phenomena of terrorism. At the same time every terroristic act has in the time of world wide connections and social media a deep impact on school – children and youth.

The aim of the several years ago formulated action plan: ‘Utrecht that’s us together’ (see: actieplan ‘’Utrecht Zijn We Samen) is to overcome potential radicalization and polarization in the city. One of the partners is the University of Utrecht.

Out of a in 2015 established TaskForce Radicalization and Polarization a website developed, where teachers of different school levels might find material and instructions how to discuss terrorism in class. The material is developed by experts from different departments of the University of Utrecht. Teachers might find materials to make it possible to discuss phenomena like IS and also terroristic attacks like in Barcelona, Brussels or Kabul in class.
The material offers objective and historically founded information to terrorism related concepts, ideologies, events, individuals and groups.

One of the initiators of this project is Prof. Beatrice de Graaf, Dutch expert on terrorism and chair of History of International Relations at Utrecht University.

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