Political Innovation Association: FollowTheVote

FollowTheVote: NECE talked to Carla Schneider-Dahm from the Political Innovation Association, about their start-up FollowTheVote for reshaping access to political information:

NECE: Why did you found the Political Innovation Association?
Carla Schneider: We at PIA e.V. believe that a healthy democracy can only be further developed by a generation that is capable of making decisions and has a desire to participate. That is why a group of young Europeans came together with the goal to reinvent the way we inform ourselves…read more.

NECE: How much do you think younger generations are influenced by the spread of fake news and how much does it affect political decisions?
Carla Schneider: Increasing populism, growing attention to conspiracy theories and most recently the storming of the US Congress are symptoms of a new form of media that is fundamentally changing the way we are exposed to information. Negative effects are especially felt by…read more.

NECE: With FollowTheVote you want to convey political knowledge to young citizens in an exciting and interactive way. What method makes your App unique?
Carla Schneider: From the beginning, FollowTheVote was built to serve young users. One of the main issues the target group is facing is the amount of time that they need to inform themselves about politics. Therefore, FollowTheVote is designed to let you become a political expert in less than 5 min a day. Read more.

NECE: How is the offer being accepted and what reactions have you received from your target group so far?
Carla Schneider: We recently completed our prototype testing with around 80 test users. Our App will be available in the App Store in August, to prepare young German citizens for the upcoming election. Based on the prototype testing and our extensive market research we confirmed that…read more.