Apply now for the Culture of Solidarity Fund: Interregional edition // Grants are available in two amounts subject to the number of partners:

  • €40.000 – two partners;
  • €60.000 – three partners or more.

Regional transformation & European Culture of Solidarity post-Coronavirus

Set up in response to the Coronavirus crisis, the Culture of Solidarity Fund supports innovative cultural projects that cross national borders, professional sectors and artistic disciplines and are eager to find collaborative solutions to systemic problems that limit the prospects of their communities thriving, in the wake of the pandemic.

This latest call focuses on communities in parts of Europe often at the peripheries of public interest that are contending with the Coronavirus crisis within a context of chronic economic decline brought on by deindustrialization, rural depopulation, and/ or changing economic and political forces in recent decades. And while these regions are not alone in experiencing the increasingly harmful cascade of effects issuing from environmental degradation, climate change, and biodiversity loss, they may believe they lack the necessary resources to mitigate them.

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