5 – 7 November 2020 ◦ live from Berlin, Germany

Reconnecting in a post pandemic world. Citizenship education for democracy and sustainability.

On the occasion of the German EU presidency, NECE held the 2020 edition of its annual NECE conference in an online format with live broadcasting from Berlin, Germany. It highlighted the necessity of citizenship education in a world of pandemic and ecological risk and the idea of citizenship education as a public good in the future restart of the European Union. Maja Göpel, author of the bestseller ‘Rethinking Our World’ and director of The New Institute, opened the first conference day with a keynote on ‘Rethinking our World – Reconciling Climate Change & Democracy’.

Citizenship education was displayed in this conference as a pluralistic offer for fair debates, diversity of perspectives, and a learning space for participation. A great diversity of European and international stakeholders, networks, experts and practitioners participated– live on stage in Berlin and in the virtual space. Open and participatory digital spaces offered the possibility to network with experts, civil society actors and policy makers from Europe, the MENA region and Africa.

Documents & Content

Christoph Müller-Hofstede, Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb), NECE Coordination, Germany
An Lavens, BELvue museum Brussels, NECE Partner, Belgium
Virtual statements by:
Ziad Haddara, NACE, Lebanon
Kristine Kandelaki, EENCE, Georgia
Sam Khebizi, Les Têtes de L’art / Young Citizens of the Mediterranean (AJCM), France
Sheila Nabachwa, CENESA, Uganda

Johannes Ebert, General Secretary of the Goethe-Institut, Germany
Maya El Khalil, Arts and Culture Consultant Curator, UK
Joumana El Zein Khoury, Director of the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development, The Netherlands
Andreas Görgen, Head of the Directorate-general for Culture and Communication at the Federal Foreign Office, Germany
Thomas Krüger, Director of the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb), Germany

Maja Göpel, Scientific Director of The New Institute, Germany
Grace Maingi, Executive director at Uraia Trust / CENESA, Kenya

Sven Egenter, Clean Energy Wire | CLEW, Germany
Rukiya Khamis, Community organizer for Anglophone Africa at, Kenya
Imme Scholz, Germany Development (RNE), Germany

 Statement by Tony Venables, Founder of the ECIT Foundation, concerning the NECE declaration.


1. Panel: China’s moment in world politics? Or: A New Cold War in the making?
2. Panel: What are the right answers to COVID-19 and climate change? – Similarities and differences between both crises
3. Workshop: Creative Approaches to New Democracy CANDIICE
4. Panel:The unusual suspects: what is really going on in Europe’s so-called civic deserts?
5.Workshop:European youth work and citizenship education for diverse target groups
6. Workshop: “What does national identity mean in our present time?” – the relationship between local, regional, national and global Citizenship


1. Panel: “We believe, we can, we’ll win”: Art activism as a voice of society. Background and Situation in Belarus
2. Panel: ‘Is there a role for NGOs in the transformation of society?’ Critical assessment of the future of NGOs in a post-pandemic world
3. Workshop:Youth engagement and civic education in times of pandemic and beyond – best practices from the EYP network
4.Workshop: One framework, many contexts – how can this work? The Council of Europe’s Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture and its potential
5. Panel: Unavailable and inaccessible? Schools closures and students’ voice
6. Panel: The future of Democracy and the 14 Million: Voters without Borders and democratic reforms on the agenda of the COFOE (1h 12min 58s – 2h 42min)


1. Workshop: Case studies as a civic education tool for the SDGs
2. Workshop: 2030 European Future Stories: a Cyber Hub for Citizens?
3. Workshop: How to teach transition
4. Workshop: Sustainability, Democracy and the Arts – Cultural and Artistic Responses to Environmental Change
5. Panel: The role of civic education in times of rising authoritarianism and illiberalism

Photo gallery of the Digital NECE Conference 2020

Graphic Recording: Rethinking our world – Reconciling climate change and democracy