Call for country experts on education – Be part of the largest ever data collection project on education policies

Together with the Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) Project at the University of Gothenburg, we would like to invite you to participate in a new DEMED and V-Dem joint project as a Country Expert for the country (or countries) of your expertise.

The DEMED and V-Dem will collaborate to measure up to twenty novel indicators of education policies and practices for all countries in the world.

The expert survey will focus on the following topics pertaining to primary and secondary education: centralisation of the curriculum, political education in school, teacher training, monitoring, hiring and firing practices, and teaching styles.

The V-Dem Project ( leads a unique effort to measure 470+ indicators of democracy for all countries in the world from 1789 to the present. V-Dem hosts one of the largest publicly available databases on democracy with some 28.4 million data points and 182 000 users globally. About half of the V-Dem indicators are based on Country Expert coding. Over 3,500 scholars and other experts from more than 202 countries have contributed.

The V-Dem datasets ( have been downloaded over 70,000 times from 167 countries.

Since its inception in 2014, the V-Dem Institute has developed, tested and standardised a world-leading, sophisticated data collection, curation, and aggregation method for expert-coded data. For more details about the V-Dem aggregation methodology, please click here:

For our joint DEMED-V-Dem project, we will build a completely new database on education, accumulating the knowledge of more than 1,000 education experts.

The V-Dem Country Experts generally hold a PhD and are usually residents or citizens of the country they are coding. For more information about the V-Dem definitions of country coding units, Download the Country Coding Units v11.1

We now invite you to be part of this global project and contribute your knowledge.

The online coding will take place between January and February 2022. You will be offered a remuneration of 90 USD as a token of our gratitude.

More Information and application here: