ProDemos – House for Democracy and the Rule of Law

The Netherlands

ProDemos – House for Democracy and the Rule of Law is an independent foundation based in The Hague (The Netherlands) ProDemos was founded in 2010 due to a fusion of the IPP (Institute for Public Participation based in Amsterdam) and the Visitors Center of the Dutch Parliament.

ProDemos has the mission to inform citizens about the Political system (on local, national and European level) and to encourage them to participate in it actively. ProDemos does that through a large variety of activities online and off-line.

Through its projects ProDemos intends to broaden the knowledge of citizens on democratic processes, stimulate active citizenship and connect citizens with their state institutions. ProDemos is mainly funded by the Dutch Ministry of Interior and the Dutch Ministry of Justice.

  • Focus Areas
    Civic education for (high-school) pupils, people with less entrance to knowledge on the political system (for example: migrants, people with reading and writing incapacities), knowledge center for people who want to become active in (local) politics

  • Contact
    Tatjana Meijvogel-Volk,